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5-Star Reviews From Amazon for “21 Days”

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“Helen Ryan takes her own personal journey with weigh loss and inspires us to spend 21 Days to make a mind shift and create some new, healthy habits!

What I liked most about the book was that she covers a lot of topics that all of us, at one time or another have thought of, experienced, or tried. She debunks some diet myths and advises us on small steps we can take to create these new habits. I loved the second half of the book, basically a great list of resources and a glimpse into her personal diary. You find yourself nodding as you have had these same thoughts and experiences.

There are GOBS of diet and exercise books available and not every one works for every body. You need to find the one that is written in a voice that resonates with you. Ms. Ryan’s is written honestly and humbly. She doesn’t bully you into a plan or speak as though she’s got it all figured out.” ~Cassie Piasecki

“The Author gives very sound and real advice about what it takes to lose weight and get back into shape. Helen gives great advice if your just starting working out or if you have worked out for a while and have gotten into a rut and need a kick in pants to keep going.

Her story is very inspiring and makes you believe that you can do it to.”~L.Bean

“I just loved this book and felt like the author’s friend as she went step by step to becoming more healthy and fit. It was such an easy plan to follow and I have seen great results!!” ~FJMMB
“Just had to share that I have been listening to your book while walking laps at the soccer field. I was so caught up in not having time to get to the gym that I forgot about all the other ways I can get moving! Thank you! I am also relishing in the thought of being able to have more control by not immediately giving into cravings…..thank you for keeping it real…..your book is speaking to my mind my body and my spirit!!! Thank you.” ~Mary C
“I have read so many “diet” books over the years – did not think I could learn anything new, and could not understand why I couldn’t move forward. I now realize that I was on information overload and it actually paralyzed me, rather than providing hope and guidance. This book resonated with me because 1) the author has been there AND has been successful in achieving health and losing weight, and 2) It is broken down into short nuggets of wisdom – combined with some self-assessment type questions, and 3) Each short topic is followed by an Action Step that is EASY to do but powerful in impact. I am excited to see my weight decreasing, my health improving, and even better – my mind, my thoughts, my understanding is clearer, making my focus clearer!” ~Michelle Graham
“I’ve read my share of weightloss books and this is the only one that made me laugh out loud. Yes folks, I LOL’d to a weightloss book!

It is easy to read because it’s written as though Helen is speaking with you rather than simply writing about the do’s and dont’s about weightloss and exercise. She put in quite a bit of humor which left me wanting to read it all in one sitting, although I probably should have read it standing or walking to burn some calories! I enjoyed learning about Helen’s personal struggle as well. She is very candid about her own life experience that led her to gain weight and lose it. Yes, there are tips I had already known about but there is surprisingly much more information included that I wasn’t aware of. I especially liked that she shared her own 12/13 day weightloss journal.” ~Marina L.

Coming soon: “Don’t Eat Their Crust” and “Enjoy The Life”